Role of Copper Wire Mesh in Lightning Impact | Aerospace

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Copper Wire Mesh in Lightning Strike in Aerospace

Copper mesh is commonly utilized for lightning strike protection mesh in the aerospace industry to safeguard from potential damage. When a lightning strike occurs, it can produce an electrical current with exceptionally high voltage and current levels. This high voltage current can cause severe damage to electronic equipment and other critical systems.

Why Copper Mesh is the best choice for Lightning Strike Protection?

Copper mesh is highly conductive and can effectively dissipate the electrical energy of a lightning strike. This property makes it an ideal material for lightning protection systems.

The fine structure of copper can effectively capture and disperse electrical energy, preventing it from concentrating in one particular area of the aircraft structure. Additionally, these meshes can create an external “lightning protection system” that captures and dissipates the electrical energy of a lightning strike before it reaches the aircraft structure.

What property make Copper Mesh stand out as a Strike Protection Mesh?

Copper is highly durable and they can withstand harsh environmental conditions and exposure to corrosive substances. Its lightweight properties minimize the overall weight of the aircraft, enhancing fuel efficiency, and reducing energy consumption.

Overall, the utilization of copper in aerospace for lightning strike protection is an essential aspect of aircraft design and safety. Its high conductivity, durability, and lightweight properties make it a popular choice for this application, and it is likely to remain an indispensable component of aircraft design for many years to come.

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