Types of shale shaker screens

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Types of Shale Shaker Screens

In the oil and gas industry, different types of shale shaker screens play a crucial role in the drilling process. These screens are used in shale shakers to separate solid materials from drilling fluids, ensuring the efficiency of the drilling operation.

Shale shaker screens play a pivotal role in the efficiency of the oil and gas drilling process. As a crucial component in the solids control system, selecting the right type of shaker screen is essential for optimal performance. Let’s delve into the various types of shale shaker screens available in the market.

Types of Shale Shaker Screens

Flat Shaker Screen

The Flat Shaker Screen have a flat, smooth surface and are generally less expensive. They are more suitable for removing larger-sized solid particles from drilling fluids but may not be as effective with finer cuttings.

Hook Strip Flat Screen

The hook strip flat screen features a single layer mesh bonded directly to the screen panel. Its simple structure and easy installation method makes it a popular choice among operators. This screen type is effective in removing larger solids from drilling fluid.

Hook strip flat screen is very popular choice in the oil and gas industry. The hook strip flat screen have a simple light weight structure, with high operational efficiency and good fluid handling capacity. It works by preventing solids from passing the screen.

When comparing hook strip soft screen with hook strip flat screen, the hook strip flat screen is more durable and reliable. It has the capacity to filter out the mud and other impurities efficiently in oil. This type of screens are extensively used as vibrating screen in the oil production industry due to its efficient capacity in waste management and drilling fluid control.

Hook strip soft screens

Hook strip soft screens is one of the types of shale shaker screens, designed to be easily installed and replaced, making them a cost-effective option with high screen turnover.

The screens are made from two or three layers of stainless steel wire mesh, and the structural design of the hook strip soft screen is similar to hook strip flat shaker screen.

Hook strip soft screens are designed in a way that it can be easily installed and replaced, making them cost-effective for shakers with high screen turnover.

The mesh size of these screens is available in various types and sizes.

Selecting the right shaker screen depends on different drilling conditions.

The specifications of hook strip soft screen can be customized according to the industrial requirement.

Steel Frame Screen

Steel frame screens is one of the types of shale shaker screens, constructed with a steel frame in combination with 2 or 3 layers of stainless steel woven wire mesh and perforated plate to achieve efficient solids separation. The steel frame, robust construction adds strength and durability, making it suitable for high volume drilling operations.

The steel frame screens are suitable for both oil based and water based drilling fluids.

Compared to hook strip flat screen and hook strip soft screens, the steel frame screen has higher strength and better abrasive resistance. Thus ensuring a better loading capacity and operational efficiency of the screens.

Pyramid Screen

Pyramid shaker screen also called three-dimensional shale shaker screen is one of the types of shale shaker screens with a single side screen compression system. The mesh size of pyramid screens are smaller than steel frame shaker screens. The fine mesh size maximizes the solids removal capacity of the screen.

These types of shakers, maximize the solids removal capabilities of the screen and is optimal for various shakers types, such as, linear, elliptical and circular motion shale shakers.

Compared with the flat hook strip & soft hook strip shale shaker screen, pyramid shaker screen has more available screening non-blank areas.

Tests has shown that, due to the screen’s corrugations structures, the capacity of the shale shaker screens gets about a three-fold improvement, while the screen still maintains the equivalent cut-point level of the flat shaker screen.

Its application reduces the number of shakers which reduces the total space and shale shaker screen pricing.

Composite Frame Screen

Composite frame screens consist of two or three layers of stainless steel mesh with a composite material frame which provides enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear. Different mesh layers have different density, when arranged properly can enhance the screen’s capacity.

This innovative design provides enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear. Composite frame screens offer extraordinary performance in both onshore and offshore drilling applications.

Composite frame screens feature a composite material frame, combining the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of plastic. Composite frame screens offer excellent performance in both onshore and offshore drilling applications.

Corrugated Shaker Screen (PMD)

Corrugated shaker screens have a wavy or corrugated surface which provides an increased screening area. They are effective at separating finer particles and can be used for oil based and synthetic drilling fluids.

Corrugated Screens with three-dimensional design offers the benefit of adding up a substantial screen area of about 25% to 50%, which the traditional flat type screens don’t have.

PWP Screen

PWP (perforated wear plate) screens feature perforated metal backing with a layer of woven wire cloth bonded to the surface. This configuration provides superior wear resistance and ensures efficient solids removal. PWP screens are ideal for heavy-duty applications where abrasion and impact are prevalent.

Pre-tensioned Shaker Screen

Pre tension screens are tightly stretched and attached on a frame for improved screen tension and longevity. They are known for their consistent performance are commonly seems in demanding drilling conditions.

The screen panel can be of any type such as hook strip, corrugated etc;


Selecting the right screen from the different types of shale shaker screens is crucial for optimizing the performance of the solids control system in oil and gas drilling operations. YKM International LLC is the manufacturer of comprehensive range of wire mesh for different types of shale shaker screens designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Whether it’s hook strip flat screens for simple installations or composite frame screens for enhanced durability, YKM has got you covered. Invest in quality shale shaker screens to maximize efficiency, reduce downtime, and achieve greater success in your drilling endeavors.