Wire mesh weave


If you’re new to the world of wire mesh weaves, understanding the different types can be overwhelming. The good news is, that once you have a grasp of the basics, selecting the right wire mesh weave for your specific needs becomes much easier. From the popular plain square woven weave, which offers excellent strength and stability, to the versatile welded wire mesh weave, known for its sturdy structure, we’ll cover it all.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the various wire mesh weaves available, empowering you to make informed decisions for your specific projects. So, let’s get started and unlock the fascinating world of wire mesh weaves.

Introduction to wire mesh weave

Wire mesh weaves are an integral component of various industries, providing versatile solutions in fields ranging from construction and filtration to aerospace and architecture. Comprising an intricate network of interwoven or welded wire, these meshes exhibit a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and functionality.

As a distinguished brand, YKM International LLC has been at the forefront of wire mesh manufacturers in UAE, providing cutting-edge solution in this field, and consistently pushing the boundaries of engineering and design.

Types of Wire Mesh Weave

  • Woven Wire Mesh
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Expanded Mesh
  • Perforated Mesh

Wire Mesh Weave in Detail

Woven Wire Mesh:

YKM Group has always been in the forefront as a woven wire mesh manufacturer with expertise in manufacturing for over 40 years. Renowned for its versatility and durability, woven wire mesh is meticulously crafted through a weaving process that involves intersecting wires in various patterns. The woven mesh wires are quality-checked and manufactured as per the industrial ISO standards.

YKM’s Signature Woven Wire Mesh Weave Patterns include:

Plain Weave

  • In Plain Weave Mesh, the warp wire crosses alternately above and below every weft wire and vice versa which are normally of the same diameter.
  • As the fundamental and widely-used pattern, YKM’s plain weave balances simplicity with strength.
  • Each wire, meticulously chosen for its quality, creates a robust structure that finds applications in diverse industries.

Twill Weave

  • In the Twill Weave pattern, the weft wire passes alternately above and below every successive pair of warp wires and vice versa.
  • This weave permits a heavier wire diameter to be used than a plain weave with a similar mesh count.
  • YKM’s expertise extends to twill weave, characterized by a diagonal pattern that enhances stability.
  • This weave finds its place in applications demanding both strength and precision.

Dutch Weave

  • Dutch weave mesh pattern is a combination of Dutch and plain weave. In this type of weave, the wires are of different diameters.
  • YKM’s Dutch weave exemplifies excellence in filtration.
  • With a combination of thick and thin wires, this weave is tailored for industries requiring superior filtration capabilities.

Welded Wire Mesh

YKM International LLC’s commitment to innovation is evident in its production of welded wire mesh. This advanced mesh type is created through a welding process that fuses intersecting wires, resulting in a sturdy and cohesive structure.

  • YKM’s welded wire mesh in UAE finds prominence in construction, which promises outstanding performance withstanding diverse environmental challenges.
  • The precision of the welding process ensures uniformity and strength in every mesh produced.
  • YKM’s welded wire mesh is a key component in security fencing solutions.
  • Its robust construction, coupled with YKM’s commitment to quality, ensures reliable perimeter security.

Expanded Metal Mesh

  • YKM International LLC’s expanded metal mesh offers unparalleled versatility in design and application.
  • The unique manufacturing process results in a mesh with openings that allow for creativity in architectural and industrial projects.

Chicken Wire Mesh

  • Chicken wire mesh, also known as poultry netting or hexagonal wire mesh, is a versatile fencing material commonly used in various agricultural and construction applications.
  • Chicken Wire Mesh are primarily used in poultry farming to create enclosures for chickens and other birds.
  • Garden fencing to protect plants from animals.
  • Chicken Meshes are available as stainless steel, galvanized iron and pvc coated.

Perforated Metal Mesh

  • YKM’s perforated metal mesh showcases precision perforation technology.
  • Applications range from acoustic panels to decorative elements in architectural designs.


As we unravel the complexity of wire mesh weaves, YKM International LLC emerges as a pioneering force, seamlessly integrating expertise, innovation, and quality. Woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh, and specialized mesh types showcase the brand’s commitment to addressing diverse industry requirements. In a world where precision and reliability are paramount, YKM International LLC stands as a trusted partner, offering extraordinary wire mesh solutions that transcend conventional boundaries.