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How do I choose a chain link fence?

When you are selecting chain link fence for your project, there are several factors which needs to consider. The main criteria to select your chain link fence are :  wire gauge or wire thickness, type of material and mesh size or opening of mesh.

  1. Check the wire gauge: select the wire dia or wire thickness as per the priority of
    security or fence required.
  2. Measure the mesh size: The mesh size
    should be selecting as per the demand to protect or stop unwanted things to
    enter in yard or restricted area.
  3. Consider the zinc coating: Always prefer high quality zinc coating and process should be
    Hot-dipped galvanized.
  4. If you want color? Than select polyvinyl chloride (PVC) applied in addition to the
    zinc coating on the chain link.

Chain link fence types

There are basically three types of chain fences; these are stainless steel, Galvanized fence, and PVC chain link fence. In which SS wire fences are the strongest and more durable. The fences are more ideal for property owners.

How much should chain link fence cost?

Chain link fencing cost depends on wire thickness x mesh opening and material. The costs start from 7AED and reach
up to 40 AED per square meter. The installation cost comes from 20 AED linear meter to 50 AED linear meter depends on location of

What is a Good chain link fence?

hot dipped wires are the
most durable of all chain
link fence materials and as a result, they have higher costs. This type has
high alkali resistance, can sustain high temperatures, and is also resistant to
harsh weather conditions. In gulf region PVC coated chain link
fence is most famous product which is coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) on Hot
Dipped galvanized wire.
It increases the life of chain link fence in desert and moisture weather
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