Metal Mesh Screen Suppliers

YKM Group is the one & only Leading Metal Mesh Screen Suppliers with a manufacturing experience of our 30 Years in the Metal Mesh Industry. Our Metal Mesh Screens are available in different types and different grades. Our R & D Team make sure to provide the optimal upgradation for optimal metal mesh filter for optimal filtration solution across industries. YKM Group is the most trusted name in the Woven Wire Mesh manufacturing industry providing quality certified Metal Mesh Screen. We supply metal mesh as Metal Mesh Sheet & metal mesh screen.

Metal Woven Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh
Epoxy Coated Mesh
Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh

Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh or Metal Cloth is the method of utilized wire in woven form or welded form which can be used as filter cloth, sieve screen cloth, Extruder screen in Oil & Gas, Shale Shaker Screen in Oil & Gas and more. The fine metal mesh screen are used more for filtering particles of very small size. The main materials used for Metal Filter Cloth are Stainless Steel Woven Mesh, Nickel Woven Mesh, Copper Woven Mesh, Epoxy Woven Mesh & more. The choice of the weaves are done based on requirement. Know more about the weave here...

Metal Mesh Screen Suppliers
What is Metal Mesh Sheet?

Metal Mesh Sheet?

Metal mesh Sheet is a screen which is made up of numerous connected strands of metal, which appear like a kind of net or webbing, depending on the type. The Metal Mesh are available in Sheet & Metal Mesh Roll. These Metal Screens produced using metal can be expanded, stretched, woven, knitted and welded into various configurations. We are the Leading Metal Mesh Screen Suppliers & Largest Metal Mesh Manufacturer Of these Screens supply according to clients’ requirements and specification.

What are the Different kinds of Metal Mesh Screen Weaves?

  • Woven Wire Mesh
  • Expanded Metal Mesh
What are the Applications of Metal Mesh Sheet?

What are the Applications of Metal Mesh Screens?

Nowadays, with the growth of technology and the diversification and expansion of the production network, the usage areas of metal mesh screens are endless across the industries. From commercial applications to industrial applications, metal mesh filter screen are a common metal product used by many people on a daily basis. To say the most common of these applications are :

  • Catalytic Convertor Screen, Air Bags Steel Screen, Frequency Dampers in Automotive
  • Lead Pressure Filter Wire Screen, Hop Filter Screen, Rotary Screens in Food & Beverage
  • Sand Control Mesh Screen, Shale Shaker Screen in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Liquid Filtration Woven Wire Mesh Screen, Mesh Screen Filters
  • Drum Filter Screen, Coalescing Filter Screen in Petroleum Industry
  • RFI Shielding Mesh, Solar Panel Mesh, Sound Filter Screens in Electronic Industry
  • Air Filtration, Fuel Filtration, Acoustic Suppression Screen in Aerospace Industry

Why Us?

YKM Group is the Market Leader in Wire Mesh Manufacturing since 1984. Our Research & Development team is work on Research & Development of Wire Quality for a much better performance. All our Metal Filter Screens are quality certified and best in terms of performance.

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