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Mesh Supplier

YKM International LLC. is Leading Pharmaceutical Grade Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE can provide and manufacture pharmaceutical-grade wire mesh products that adds up as a superior contribution to the medical fields to provide a safe material for use when dealing with sensitive areas of human body.

Often, Wire Meshes products are used for holding medical equipment in place whilst they work, and this requires a non-reactive or non-containment material to be used. YKM’s Pharmaceutical grade wire mesh is perfect as it has no contaminants, no lubricants, and is clean room safe.

Applications of YKM's Steel Mesh In Pharmaceutical

  • Inhaler
  • Metering Equipment
  • Analytical Sieves for Particle Sizing
  • Blood Filters
  • Wire Mesh in Tablet Coating
  • Surgical Tray
Leading Pharmaceutical Grade Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier
YKM Wire Mesh in Inhalers

How Wire Mesh is used in Inhalers

Respirators or Inhaler are vital instruments used in intensive care units that are used to supply patients in need with oxygen and a high quality steel mesh ensure more safety. YKM’s Woven wire mesh disks are employed in the production of these devices to ensure respirable particles are filtered out.

Stainless Steel Woven Mesh from YKM ensures that leaves patients are provided with pure, high-quality oxygen.

During our mesh manufacturing process, the mesh itself is heated to over 1000 C, helps removing all remnants of grease. This ensures the wire mesh pieces remain free of foreign particles, increasing the level of patient safety.


How YKM Wire Mesh is used in Metering Equipment?

  • YKM, is the Leading Pharmaceutical Grade Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier is capable of manufacturing woven steel meshes which can be used in smart meter in pharmaceutical which can block harmful RF (Radio Frequency) and EMF Radiation coming from electricity meter using Faraday’s Technology. Placing the Smart Meter Cloak over a smart meter absorbs the EMF waves can prevents the emissions in Pharmaceutical.
  • YKM’s specially constructed high-grade stainless steel mesh offer extreme support and shielding abilities.
ykm Wire Mesh in Metereing Device for Pharmaceutical
Sieve Wire Mesh Manufacturer in Saudi

How Wire Mesh is used in Analytical Sieves for Particle Sizing?

YKM Group, Leading Pharmaceutical Grade Mesh Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE supplies quality pharmaceutical sieves for testing of pharmaceutical intermediates and materials. Pharmaceutical sieves meshare made with stainless steel 316L woven wire mesh as filter media.

Features of YKM Sieve Shaker Screen for Pharmaceutical Testing Sieves:

(1) Durable and High Efficiency Screen with consistent sizing ability.

(2) High screening efficiency-the smallest particle size is ?

(4) Light weight and occupy less space and easy moving; platform operation without fixed device; low noise

How is Wire Mesh used in Tablet Coating?

YKM Group, Leading Pharmaceutical Grade Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE, OMAN, KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA supply steel woven wire screen drum designed especially for coating small substrates such as pellets, tablets and more. Use of woven wire mesh allow the passage of air during the process and reducing piling of the material.

YKM Woven Wire mesh for Tablet Coating Belt

How is Wire Mesh used in Surgical Tray?

YKM Group, Leading Pharmaceutical Grade Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier is capable of offering a comprehensive range of Wire Mesh SS Surgical Tray. YKM highly skilled professionals R&D Team & Quality Check Team works together to bring out the best using certified quality inputs. YKM Group offer this product in different sizes at the highly competitive market price.


  • Excellent strength
  • Flawless finish
  • User-friendly
  • Various sizes available