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China Made

China Made

Product : China Shade net
Material :HDPE
High density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, adding a certain proportion of anti- aging agent and color master batch.

Weaving: Mono x mono , mono x tape
Shade net Features:
Sunshine shading, cooling, insulation, rain resistance, wind resistance, reducing the spread of pests, heat resistance, cold-resistant, easy-to-use and cost effective.

Common used for greenhouse of vegetables, flowers, fruit, tree seedlings, mushroom cultivation, to cover construction buildings, fence cover, privacy fence covering; also for cooling and heat insulation in the open air operations.

Garden or Balcony Sun Shade Net:
The shade net which  is made from high-density polyethylene that is added with UV stabilizer or other materials, such as master batch, can be widely used for sunshade in parking lot, stadium, alcove, tent, enjoying exceptional anti-ultraviolet performance. Moreover, it can be used to protect crops to prevent frost and hail.

Material of shade net: 100% virgin HDPE

  • Width of shade net       : 1m-3m
  • Length of shade net     : 30 mtr, 60 mtr etc
  • Colour of shade net     : Beige, green, light green, black, blue, orange, white, etc
  • Packing of shade net   : Roll
  • Year Warranty of the shade net:  No
  • Origin                           : China


Detailed usage of shade net:
1) outdoor ------protection shade ray and wind ,
2) agricultural-----protection the vegetables and greens increase productions .
3) indoor------it also can drop the temperature of the indoor in greenhouse in summer
on the contrary---it can increase the indoor temperature in winter .
4)it can proof rain and wind then keep moist .


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