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Screens - Shale shakers Products

    Shale shakers are components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. They are the first phase of a solids control system on a drilling rig, and are used to remove large solids from the drilling fluid.

    YKM Group has ability to produce the Screen Mesh which is using in Shale Shakers Screen and our Clients are choosing us for our quality & for our services.
    Our R & D is continuously working with clients requirement to give the best solution for Shale Shakers Screen. We are manufacturing the mesh clothes according to our clients requirement.

    Screen Mesh - Just like thread is woven together to create cloth, metal wire can be woven to create a metal cloth. Screen Mesh has evolved over many years of competitive screen manufacturing resulting in very thin yet strong cloth designed to maximize screen life and conductance as well as to provide a consistent cut point. To increase the conductance of a mesh screen you have to minimize the amount of material in the way, this is done by either reducing the wire diameter or weaving the cloth to produce rectangular openings. Rectangular openings increase the screens conductance while minimizing the effect on its cut point where as square openings provide a more consistent cut point but offer a lower conductance.
    To maximize screen life most manufacturers build their screens with multiple layers of mesh over a very sturdy backing cloth to further protect the cloth against solids loading and wear. The multiple layers of mesh act as a de-blinding mechanism pushing near sized particles, which may get stuck in the openings, out of the mesh reducing blinding issues and keeping the screen surface available for use.

Shale shakers Screen
Standard Mesh Inches Millimeters Microns
400 0.0015 0.0381 38
300 0.0018 0.0457 45
250 0.0024 0.0609 60
200 0.0027 0.0686 68
150 0.0041 0.1041 104
100 0.0065 0.1651 165
80 0.007 0.1778 177
60 0.009 0.2286 228
40 0.015 0.381 380
20 0.034 0.8636 862