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Fly Stopper Mesh / Windows Screen

Aluminium Window Screen Mesh (Fly Screens)

YKM provides Epoxy Coated fly stopper mesh screen or Aluminium fly screen best & quality products for window screens, doors for mosquito & other insect protection & also other security purpose.

YKM supply epoxy coated fly mesh and aluminum window screen mesh in Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Djibouti & UAE.

Aluminium Window Screen mesh / Fly Stop :Aluminum window screens mesh are best for doors, windows, mosquito protection and other insect protections & other purpose. It is light weight, good quality, plain weave with silver white color...
Epoxy Coated Window Screen / Fly Stop Silver 18X14/0.23MMX4'X25M
2-3 Days
Epoxy-coated wire meshEpoxy Coated Window Screen / Fly Screen Silver 18X14/0.23MMX4'X25M..
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